While no single medication or behavior will curtail yeast-related symptoms, each option you adopt builds on the others. Over time, you will notice relief.

The candida experts at Woman’s Health Connection recommend the following two-pronged approach:

First and most important, notice and trust your own natural instincts and intuition about your body and symptoms. For successful healing and relief, you must carry this connection to your intuition with you and use its guidance throughout the healing process. Most of us recognize our intuition only in hindsight. When we are aware of intuitive messages, we often ignore or override them. If we can’t explain how we “know” something, we doubt that we really know it. Sound familiar?

Uncovering and using your intuition is one of the most powerful ways to take charge of your health. Your body has a natural wiring system that knows instinctively what “feeds” it by helping it balance brain chemistry and making you feel good. What is not a good match because it causes imbalances, pain, and discomfort.

It takes some time to dig this “knowing” out from underneath all the clutter of facts, rules, and expectations that can actually obscure your true knowledge. It takes practice to trust your inner guidance. Nevertheless, trusting your intuition is worth the effort and it’s absolutely essential to successfully getting relief from yeast related symptoms.

Try a little experiment. The next time you have a hunch, write it down and date your notes. It might range from “The phone rang and I knew it was Jo before I picked it up,” to “I’m craving cilantro. I must need some vitamin K, ” or simply “Something is different in my body today.” Some of your hunches will be right. Some will be wrong. But in a week or two, you’ll actually begin to confirm to yourself that you have another means of “knowing.”

Second, use the YEASTCONNECTION.COM FIVE POINT PLAN as a guide for controlling candida and bringing your system into balance.

  • Follow a diet that includes fresh (preferably organic) meats, vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, and water.
  • Use supplements.
  • Limit your exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Address emotional and spiritual issues.
  • Work with a caring, knowledgeable health care professional.

The more you can incorporate The Five Point Plan into your daily life, the more you help your body return to balance and maintain health. For a complete review of the latest research and treatments, see Dr. Crook’s all new book, The Yeast Connection and Woman's Health.

However, overwhelming yourself with too many tasks will be counterproductive. Use your intuition as you review the steps to determine which one(s) feels like the most important or most practical for you to adopt first. Incorporating any one of these suggestions into your life is a step in the right direction. Which tool or suggestion feels like the best match for you?

See TRY THIS and EXPERT ADVICE for even more suggestions to help you apply these points in your daily life.

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