We're not talking Indiana Jones here. We're referring to the need all humans have to learn new things, try new activities, stretch into new experiences, meet new people to feel "fed". As children, these natural drives to explore and stretch are built in to our society – going to school, joining clubs, studying new subjects, going to camp, and so on.


As adults, we sometimes forget to include these sorts of experiences in our life. Since they aren't "required" anymore, it's easy to get busy with life and end up spending years simply getting through the day instead of having adventures.

Getting involved in new experiences or areas of learning takes effort. Rarely do they fall into our laps. But sometimes it happens. Chronic health conditions are one way we're often forced to traverse into new territory.

You've likely spent lots of time trying to learn about your condition, and, in the process, learned lots of new things and met lots of new people. We're not saying you should relish your health difficulties. Yet even with a chronic health condition, you can "feed" yourself with the adventure of learning and trying new things.

Take just a minute and dream. What have you always been curious about? How could you begin to explore and stretch and risk? Doing so is one more way you create that all-important balance in your brain chemistry.

One great way to get started is to read Ourselves, a newsletter for women encouraging creative exploration and stretching.

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