Isn't good health what we're all searching for?
Find out if your symptoms are yeast-related and how they actually guide you to what you need to notice to get relief. Explore healing options that may surprise you, and learn techniques to keep you moving as you run into challenges. Use our physician packet to gather information to help your doctor better help you - with less stress. And get even more help from our own staff of health professionals.


If you're overwhelmed by candida, key supplements can quickly help restore balance in your body and brain chemistry. Check out our online store for our selection of supplements, all carefully derived from Dr. Crook's original anti-candida research.



Start by taking Dr. Crook's famous yeast evaluation quiz. Then check out supplements for fighting candida, aiding digestion, nutrition and more. We've even got complete kits to help you take charge of your health!


Dr. Crook's extensive study of the relationship between women's health and candida has been well - documented and incorporated into a number of books that help you begin your healing process. Check out the latest, "The Yeast Connection and Women's Health" in the book section of our store.

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