Following the Yeast Connection but don't want to write all over your book? For your convenience, here are charts and forms to help you apply the suggestions and recommendations discussed in the The Yeast Connection and Women's Health.

Files require
Adobe® Reader. Download free.

Print them off. Fill them out. Take them to the grocery. Share them with a friend. Take the appropriate forms to your physician. Use them to begin digging for clues about your body and any yeast connection you might be struggling with.


Daily Symptom Chart
Supplement Use Chart
Sugar Content
Support Group Flyer
PMS Symptom Chart
Monthly Hormone Cycle
Food Record & Symptom Diary
Grocery List
Menu Suggestions
Time Diary
Healthiest Fruits
Healthiest Vegetables
Feeling Chart
Weekly Exercise Log
Exercise Questionnaire


Letter For Your Physician
List of Tests
Medical History Form
Daily Symptom Chart

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