Having a network of other people addressing
yeast-related conditions, food sensitivities and
other chronic health problems is invaluable.
If you can't find one in your community,
start one – you'll love it!



Even if you find just one other person that you could make a point to talk on the phone with or meet with each week, it helps.

• Consider meeting at a local park or track so you can walk and talk.
• Meet at the grocery and help each other find food items you may have missed.
• Share catalogs or books with each other that offer helpful suggestions.
Cook together and then share what's prepared to ease prep time later in the week.
• Challenge each other to take vitamins and herbs on a regular basis. The winner gets taken to a movie or a concert!
• Get creative. Make your quest for relief more social and fun by doing it with others.
• Keep checking back with our Expert Advice for regular feedback from different health professionals.

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