While you're seeking relief from yeast-related symptoms, don't be surprised if you feel overwhelmed and unsure about where to start. Each month in this section, you'll find a tool to help you simplify this process. Contact us with any ideas you'd like us to include here to share with others.

Try This:
Every day, take one action – no matter how small – towards your goal of caring for yourself. Record it in a journal so you can look back over your progress. By month's end you'll have moved at least 30 steps closer to relief.



• "Said 'no' to somebody today to give myself more rest time."
• "Bought a joke book at a garage sale to read and laugh at."
• "Drank water instead of soda at lunch today."
• "Contacted my health insurance provider to check on what sort of allergy tests they would cover."
• "Asked a woman in the grocery store how she likes to fix eggplant."

See how daily small steps can add up over a course of a month, and over a year, to incredible progress? Check out Yeast-Fighting Program for lots of ideas to get you started on your daily actions. Want to try something else? Try out The Yeast Connection and Women's Health by reading an excerpt.


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