Relief from gas and bloating

The discomfort of gas and bloating hits all of us from time to time. It can be caused by overeating or by eating foods to which you’re sensitive. Onions, garlic and beans are major suspects in occasional gas and bloating.

However, if you experience this kind of discomfort nearly every time you eat, your body is sending you a signal that something is out of balance.


These tools may help you discover what’s going wrong:

  • First, go to our printable food symptom chart
    • Track what you eat and your symptoms for at least a week.
    • Are gas and bloating worse after you eat certain foods or food combinations? Your problem may be caused by sensitivity to a particular food or additive.
  • Frequent gas and bloating are often the results of an imbalance of natural, healthy organisms in the digestive tract. This sort of imbalance can result from repeated use of antibiotics or birth control pills, sensitivities to certain chemicals, weakened immune systems, and/or consuming foods high in sugar and yeast.
    • For a healthy digestive tract, supply your body with a combination of enzymes, vitamins, herbs, and nutrients like those found in our Anti-Candida starter package. You’ll not only create a healthy balance of intestinal flora but also strengthen your immune system’s ability to maintain this healthy balance in your intestines.


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