This past month we received the following success story from Heather, who sent it in saying she wanted to encourage others by sharing her story. Thank you Heather. If you’d like to share yours please write us at For even more encouraging words and helpful suggestions get on the discussion board and hear what women from around the world are doing to successfully get relief from yeast related conditions

Heather's Story

I have been suffering from yeast related problems since I was at least 15 years old.
My symptoms since high school were severe eczema, daily headaches, and being overweight. I have been on antibiotics and birth control pills several times.

During my twenties I suffered many more symptoms:

  • hair fell out in clumps
  • extreme eczema around my eyes that I could not get rid of.
  • an infection while breast feeding and broke out in hives from head to
    toe from the antibiotic the doctor prescribed.
  • gained 50 pounds and could not lose it.
  • pain in my stomach and severe gas,
    constipation, and severe diarrhea. My stomach was bloated 24/7.

One day I found a diet cookbook that said if you have a yeast problem this diet will not work for you until you get rid of the yeast. I remembered The Yeast Connection Book and followed the yeast connection diet instead.

It changed my life. I had tremendous results. Every symptom is gone. I have now lost 60 pounds and am working on being yeast free. I am a much better Mom and Wife. My intentions are to tell as many people as I can about this yeast connection and how to get relief so that I can help them.

Thank You!


While you're here, read an excerpt from The Yeast Connection and Women's Health.

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