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Jayne Cagle, a 48-year old yoga teacher and co-caregiver from Chattanooga, TN contacted us because she wanted to share her experiences since beginning the Yeast Fighting Program. Here’s her story:

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It was last August. I’d just left my doctor’s office suffering from my umpteenth yeast infection. I was so tired of these repeated infections that so many in the medical profession do not know how to heal from the source. I was not willing to live with the overwhelming fatigue, depression, or brain fog anymore. Down deep, I knew there was a more fulfilling purpose for my life and in my heart I was seeking it. Talk about life’s synchronicities...

I remember it so clearly. My husband and I were standing in the compounding pharmacy, filling yet another anti-fungal script. Chatting with the pharmacist, I glanced across the pharmacy and my eyes locked on a book called The Yeast Connection. I took it down from the shelf and began flipping through the pages.

“I have to have this book,” I told my husband.

“You might need that book,’’ the pharmacist chimed in.

It was a fortuitous moment that has brought huge change to my life. Was it possible? Would this be the tool that would enable me to propel my health to yet another level?

I hit a physical, emotional and spiritual crisis ten years ago. I had repetitive stress injuries that caused great pain in my shoulders and neck from my work as a dental hygienist. I retired, disabled and tagged with a variety of diagnoses; slipped discs, fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain. I felt like I was in the “disease of the month club.”

I know now I was overwhelmed with a lot of unexpressed anger and the brain fog, extreme exhaustion and depression made my life pretty miserable. I certainly had a poor attitude toward myself, others and toward life! Some days, it was all I could do to get out of bed, onto the couch, onto the floor and back to bed again. Occasionally, I would wonder if it was perimenopause but I never spoke to anyone about it.

Plus, I had toenail fungus that simply would not go away. I just recently realized this could be related to the yeast overgrowth that was causing all these other symptoms.

I simply became lost in a fog, detached from the world. One day, a voice deep inside me told me this was not how I was going to live the rest of my life…suffering, miserable and feeling unproductive.

I read The Yeast Connection cover-to-cover twice. I said to myself, “OK this is it. I am changing my ways.” I wrote a long letter of my intentions to my doctor, asking him for his support.

In mid-October, I started taking Physicians Candida Formula (see our store), two in the morning and two more in the evening and Probiotics Plus, two in the morning. In early November, I felt led to attend a yoga workshop focusing on the lower abdomen. I think it really helped get things moving in that part of my body.

Within ten days from the start of The Yeast Connection regimen, the brain fog started to lift. I happily became aware of a flatter stomach (I thought that was extra pounds!) and no more embarrassing gas. My energy increased. My muscle pain diminished. The feelings of being overwhelmed went away. I felt better than I had ever felt!

I noticed a calmness and stillness in my abdominal region, something I had never experienced before. This validated my intuitive thought of a couple of years before that I needed to do some kind of cleanse. I tried to tweak my diet, but the Probiotics Plus and Physician’s Candida Formula got me the results I was looking for innately. Finally something was leaving my body that didn’t need to be there any more.

By December I found myself wanting to get a jumpstart on my New Year/New Lifestyle, so I started back with regular cardio; either walking or climbing on the EFX machines at the YMCA daily. Again, I found it was easy to stay committed because I liked how these choices made me feel. The real me was emerging: confident, committed, productive, focused, balanced and joyful. Most recently I’ve added chiropractic treatments and deep tissue massage, which I think have helped tremendously.

As I began to realize the “You are what you eat” experience, I searched for what I needed to put into my diet and into my life to nourish myself. Instead of feeding the yeast, I began feeding my soul the sweetness it craved. I started with my relationships; with myself, with others and with my God.

Nutritionally, I began adding higher protein grains like spelt, amaranth, kamut and teff. My husband and I are even more deeply committed to eating organic, whole meals that are nourishing. Now there is very little processed food in the pantry. I have discovered that by adopting this lifestyle, we are eating less and feeling better. We have a contract with a nearby organic farm to provide us with organic, healthy, nourishing food, including berries, vegetables, meats, eggs and mushrooms.

With all this lifestyle housecleaning, I have found that my persistent negative attitude has become a thing of the past. As I move toward adopting a healthier intestinal balance and honoring that my body is in hormonal transition I can honestly say that my mood swings are far less violent.

I did the program faithfully for about three months and then the holidays came. I didn’t really fall off the wagon, but I thought I could allow myself some privileges and ate a few pieces of candy or hash browns with breakfast. Despite my efforts to eat really healthy, even on the road, I wound up with a vaginal yeast infection.

This time the yeast came back with a vengeance.

My doctor has supported my program from the beginning and he was the one who told me it might take longer than three months to get rid of it the yeast. I had been disheartened going into that post-holiday exam. It was supposed to be my “3 month-I-am-cured” exam not a “you have more work to do” visit. When I realized my impatience, I read The Yeast Connection again and got back on the program with determination to do at least three more months.

I increased my Physician’s Candida Formula to two capsules three times a day and resumed the Probiotics Plus (two in the morning). This time, I added Tanalbit (3 prior to breakfast, lunch and dinner), mainly to help with the toenail fungus. My doctor didn’t know anything about it, but after reading The Yeast Connection, my intuition told me to try it. So we’ll see.

My husband’s support has been a critical part of this process. He’s been willing to adopt the low-sugar lifestyle. He has actually taken the initiative looking for “no sugar” foods like unsweetened soy milk and he helps prepare healthy meals. He finds that he is feeling better himself.

Self-acceptance is the lesson I’ve learned through this whole process. I’m not perfect, but I believe I am a child of God and that everything is designed with a greater purpose. I don’t question it, I just do the best I can to trust and honor the Teacher and Healer in me.

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