Kristie’s success story was written by her parents and is only one of many published in the book Yeast Connection Success Stories. We would love to share yours. Write us at success

Kristie began having ear infections one right after the other beginning at age three. Within the year, her pediatrician referred her to a children’s hospital do to severe behavior problems. After multiple tests, her doctors suggested she may be allergic to what she eats. And, after an elimination diet, we found that chocolate, sugar, food dyes, yeast and wheat triggered her nervous system symptoms.

She then began a routine of nystatin in response to the antibiotics for the ear infections, a special diet limiting the foods she was sensitive to, and vitamin supplements. By the time she entered kindergarten her behavior problems had disappeared, her sleeping patterns were drastically improved and most importantly she smiles and giggles and laughs. We run into problems every once in a while when Kristie reacts adversely to different chemicals but as we identify problems we build that into the routine.

Kristie is now a senior in high school and doing well. She is planning to go into nursing in college. She still takes nutritional supplements and allergy drops but has loosened up some on the diet restrictions and has stayed healthy so rarely takes antibiotics. We think moving from a house powered by gas to an all electric home made a huge difference.

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