Childhood Behavioral Problems? Try the Yeast-Fighting Program.

Yeast problems can have a profound influence on our children and may be the underlying cause of many behavioral problems that today’s doctor’s are quick to label ADHD and treat with drugs.

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Kristie’s story shows the value of adhering to the Yeast Fighting Program over the long term…

Written to Dr. Crook by her parents, Cheryl and Stanley Loe

When our six-year old daughter, Kristie, was almost three years old, she began having ear infections—one right after the other. During the next year, she developed such severe behavior problems that our pediatrician sent us to a children’s hospital and to a child-development center in Louisville. They said Kristie was very bright and when they couldn’t find anything wrong, they said, “She has a behavior problem.” None of their suggestions worked.

Our pediatrician then sent us to Le BonHeur Children’s Hospital in Memphis. Physicians there tried different drugs, but none of them helped. They told us, “Her behavior could be caused by something she’s eating.”

So we put Kristie on an elimination diet. On adding foods back, we found that chocolate, sugar, food dyes, yeast and wheat triggered her nervous symptoms. Then we brought her to you, and because she has so many ear infections, you prescribed nystatin. You also recommended vitamins, magnesium, flax oil and other supplements. We also took her off packaged foods containing sugar and dyes and fed her well-balanced meals.

Today our little girl is a changed person. She smiles, giggles and laughs. She’s no longer “klutzy” like she was before. Her sleeping patterns have drastically improved. She’s agreeable and her behavior has totally changed. She’s doing well in kindergarten and her teachers can’t believe she was every hyperactive.

The diet and treatment program is so simple I can’t believe doctors won’t at least try elimination diets first, rather than automatically putting children on drugs. This program has changed Kristie’s life and ours, too.

Dr. Crook's comments

I saw Kristie many times during the early and mid-1990s and her mother was diligent in carrying out a comprehensive treatment program. Although Kristie experienced occasional problems because she reacted adversely to several different chemicals, she continued to improve each year. Major credit for her improvement belongs to her parents who conscientiously and consistently carried out the recommended treatment program.

Because I hadn’t seen Kristie in several years, I called her mother in May 2001. Here are excerpts from our conversation:

Kristie’s doing great in school. She is a senior in high school and if she maintains her current grade point average, she will graduate with honors. She’s taking her ACT test and she’s going to see about volunteering at the hospital this summer. She’s decided she wants to be a nurse. She’s going to start out at the community college where they have a two-year nursing program.

I know that taking nystatin definitely helped her, but she hasn’t taken it for many years. With her health being better, she hasn’t had as many antibiotics. When we decided about her chemical allergies, I think this was a very big step toward her improvement. After switching from gas to an all-electric house, we saw changes almost daily.

She still takes nutritional supplements and allergy drops or inhalants, chemicals and foods, along with the antihistamine, Zyrtec. She can now tolerate chocolate. She knows not to go overboard and she eats just about anything. She eats well-balanced meals, including fruits and vegetables. She is 5’4” and weights 115.

Kristie has grown into a beautiful young woman and we are so very proud of her many accomplishments.

Like every person whose success I’ve reported, Kristie‘s improvement is due to many, many things—especially attention to and control of diet and limitation to exposure to environmental chemicals.

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