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Jackie’s chronic sinusitis and asthma left her so breathless she had to stop several times to catch her breath or get her heart rate down while walking around the block at a leisurely pace.

The problems, originating in her teenage years, had aggravated each other, so eventually this school office manager found herself functionally disabled.

Her doctors’ response was to increase the strength of the five allergy and asthma medications she was taking as well as give her numerous antibiotics.

A parade of specialists and two sinus surgeries gave her temporary relief, but they didn’t prove to be long-term solutions. In fact, the only long-term effect of all these prescription drugs and surgeries was the loss of her sense of smell.

At the age of 52, Jackie felt much older. Her headaches were frequent and severe. The constant post-nasal drip gave her a perpetual sore throat and often affected her speech.

Jackie tells her story:

My primary care doctor was concerned because I was taking so many antibiotics. I always had Benadryl on hand to treat frequent reactions to foods and medications.

I couldn’t clean our home because of my allergic reactions to dust. I couldn’t sit next to someone wearing perfume or be where there might be smokers present.

I was constantly fatigued, sleeping 12 to 16 hours and never feeling rested.

I’d often wake up with frightening numb hands, arms and/or legs. There were times after my work day when I’d literally crawl upstairs to bed and pray for the weekends when I could sleep longer. I often blamed my fuzzy thinking, poor performance and graying hair on just “getting older.”

I told my doctor I wanted to read everything I could because I was going to find a way to get well. He agreed that I should read and become knowledgeable about asthma, but I could tell, from the look he exchanged with his nurse, he thought I was not being realistic or practical about changing my condition. They had told me that asthma generally gets progressively worse, especially for patients suffering from sinus problems.

My reading took me to Sinus Survival by Dr. Rob Ivker. I couldn’t believe how much he knew “about me,” and I was pleased he lived not far from me in Colorado.

I made an appointment to see Dr. Ivker. I was amazed when I tested out allergic to everything I ate, except soy.

I was even more surprised when Dr. Ivker told me he could get me off all my medications and cure my asthma and sinus problems. It was almost too good to be true. I wondered how this could possibly be true when so many doctors had told me just the opposite.
Dr. Ivker said my asthma and chronic yeast problems were the result of a very weakened respiratory and immune system.

The very first item on his list was to treat my yeast problem. The goal was to improve my respiratory and immune systems so that my body could care for and protect itself.

He prescribed Nizoral and Flora Balance plus vitamins and herbs, which gave me immediate improvement. Eventually, I completed the total program (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional) to gain total freedom from my past illnesses.

Under Dr. Ivker’s care, my skin lost its gray hue, my hair stopped graying and I regained my health. Much that I had attributed to “old age” was actually just poor physical health.

I still work on my diet and do my exercises. My husband and I are looking forward to our retirement, which will include traveling, riding our bikes, visiting our children and enjoying this beautiful world. Did I mention that two years after I started treatment with Dr. Ivker, I participated in “Ride the Rockies,” a 413-mile bike tour through the Colorado Rocky Mountains? I’ve ridden it three more times with friends and family.

If you are starting this program, you may struggle and wonder, “Why bother? It’s not worth it.” Try to remember that you are doing the best you can and that this program is about nourishing the entire being, the mind, the body and the spirit. Let me assure you it is worth the effort.

Jackie’s story and the inspiring stories of other patients with candida overgrowth can be found in Dr. Crook’s Yeast Connection Success Stories, available here.

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