This Month: Getting Started

The following are answers and comments to many questions we’ve received at concerning the diet for treating yeast overgrowth.

Keep your questions coming. Write to and we’ll answer as many as possible each month through this ASK AN EXPERT section. So check back often.


Help me! I’m so depressed and tired. I have been struggling for years with feeling bad. I just found your site and after reading through the symptom list I just had to sit down and cry. You are describing me. I’m going to start on the diet, but I don’t know what else to do. And, I’m so confused when I go to the store, so many vitamins and products, I can’t figure out which ones are best for me. Can you help?

We’re thrilled you found our site. Please spread the word so others can start finding hope for years of pain and difficulties too.

We suggest a five- part program:

  1. Diet and exercise. You’ve already identified the need to revise your food choices. Print the grocery list and food diary forms to help you get started. And start a simple exercise plan today, even if you only spend five minutes, that’s a big improvement!
  2. Take supplements. We’ve made it simple for you to get started and get all the information you need plus all the right supplements in one easy step. The Anti-Candida Starter Packet has everything you need to begin addressing the symptoms you identified without all the confusion of trying to decide what is right for you through shelves and shelves of products in your local store. Click here to look at our Anti-Candida Starter Packet. The packet gives you:
    • The Yeast Connection Cookbook filled with recipes and menus you’ll need to revamp your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    • The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health giving you detailed information about the conditions and the treatments that will help you understand better what’s happening in your body, and why.
    • And a 30-day supply of each of the following nutrients essential to regaining your health:
      • Physician’s Candida Formula: A synergistic formula of herbs and nutrients to support a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria and inhibit the proliferation of Candida albicans.
      • Digestive Aid: A perfectly balanced combination of enzymes and digestive enzymes coupled with phytonutrients to provide healthy digestion.
      • Probiotics Plus: Contains 1 billion live microorganisms per serving to help restore beneficial bacteria in the intestine.
      • Physician’s Foundation Formula: A potent nutritional supplement providing the equivalent of 5 bottles of other nutritional supplements.
      • Liquid Calcium with Magnesium: Provides an easily absorbed source of calcium.
  3. Avoid chemical exposures. Toxic chemicals and their fumes are frequently triggers for many of the symptoms linked to yeast-related conditions. Look through your house and work area for cleaning supplies, paints, other chemicals that you might have developed sensitivities to, move them from your living spaces, and avoid contact with them for awhile. Minimize or eliminate your exposure to cigarette smoke and perfumes, which can also trigger sensitivities.
  4. Address emotional and psychological issues. We’re all under stress and we all worry and struggle with issues related to our families, jobs, finances and more. You can create a healthy life and relieve your yeast-related symptoms by facing your stresses and worries, being honest with yourself and even being willing to share your concerns with others. Start by getting on our discussion board and connect with others who understand what you’re experiencing.
  5. Work with a kind and caring health professional. If they are unfamiliar with The Yeast Connection, print the physician’s information packet and take it to your next appointment.

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