This Month: Medications

Over the past few months, we’ve received lots of questions concerning the medications used in treating yeast overgrowth. So, this month Larry Stephens, R. Ph. addresses some of these questions. Please keep your questions coming. Write to


Q: Some internet websites claim to have nystatin for sale. Do you
think this is the real thing? Can I get real nystatin without a
prescription? I sincerely would appreciate any suggestions you have.

A: Nystatin is not available without a prescription. Also, be sure to use only the powder, as the liquid has a large amount of sugar in it, making it unsuitable for treating most adults with candida problems. One other warning:: be sure to use only the ORAL powder, not the topical, which has talc in it and is much less potent than the pure powder.

Q: I have had candidiasis since 1996. Should I be taking Nystatin? I have heard that Nystatin can create new, resistant strains.
Please help, I am at my wits' end!

A: A group of medications called imidizoles (Diflucan, Nizoral, Sporonox) have been more likely to contribute to the development of resistant strains than nystatin. Even though it goes against what we are commonly taught in school, we have seen many patients take nystatin for years with good results, even going on and off it every few months.

Q: How does Diflucan work compared to Nystatin. I had asked my doctor for Nystatin and he said that is an old practice. Can you help clarify this for me?

A: Diflucan is systemic, and works throughout the body. Nystatin works primarily in the gut. Diflucan is great for the first 10 days or so of therapy, but to control re-growth long term, or until the immune system can help control it, the safety and low cost of nystatin is hard to beat. Use only the powder though. The liquid form of nystatin is full of sugar and tablets contain starch and are now very expensive, even in the generic form.

Larry Stephens, R. Ph., has been a licensed pharmacist for 28 years. Larry has spent his professional career studying pharmacy as it relates to nutrition, alternative, complementary and anti- aging medicine and specializing in helping patients with chemical sensitivities, chronic yeast infections and other chronic diseases find the help and resources they need for relief and health.

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