This monthís expert is Gary Craig, founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques, Craigís techniques have helped thousands of people with chronic illnesses, including people with yeast overgrowth.


Q: I know how difficult it is to cope with yeast problems and that it sometimes causes me to feel depressed and irritable. That certainly affects my life, my family and my work situation. Yet, are you saying that emotional problems are actually an underlying cause of yeast overgrowth?

A: Yes. Think about it in terms of Chinese traditional medicine. In that method what really causes emotional issues is not the conventional areas wherein psychologists have been looking. Rather, the cause is a disruption in the energy meridians that circulate throughout your body. The Chinese call it ďchiĒ or ďqi.Ē

When you experience any type of trauma, or even intrusive memories or nightmares, these disrupt the free flow of the energy running through the body. It becomes disrupted. Itís sort of like a TV set. Imagine taking a metal screwdriver and ran it through all the electronic stuff in the TV. Doing so would disrupt the energy (electricity) that normally flows through it. As a result, you would hear static and see a distorted picture.

Emotional issues cause this same sort of ďstaticĒ or disruption in your bodyís natural energy flow, and when the energy is disrupted, physical problems can occur.

Q: So, can you fix physical problems by resolving these emotionally caused energy disruptions?

A: Quite, simply, yes. Iíve seen it over and over. Iíve seen migraines headaches disappear. Iíve seen people with Parkinsonís disease stop trembling. Iíve seen it eliminate yeast problems and cancer symptoms. Our website is loaded with hundreds of such cases. I know it works.

By dealing with the emotional issues and successfully collapsing them, many emotional issues can be resolved in a matter of minutes. It doesnít take years of analysis or therapy. You may not even have a good handle on the link between the emotional issue and the physical issue. It doesnít matter. Almost always, when the emotional issue is released, the physical symptoms subside.

And it doesnít matter what you want to improve, whether itís your yeast symptoms, your weight, your depression or even your golf score, it works the same way. You simply customize your work with specific language that helps release those emotional barriers.

When I first started working with this technique, it was intended to overhaul the therapy profession and compress the healing time from years and months to hours and even minutes. It does that but then I noticed that physical symptoms and illnesses began to fade as well.

Q: Is there a specific way this works with yeast infections?

A: Yeast infections arenít really any different from other types of physical conditions. If unresolved emotional ďstuffĒ is disrupting the energy flows in your body, it takes up a great deal of energy. When we spend so much energy on our emotional "stuff," the less energy we have to fuel our immune systems. The immune system gets overloaded and illness occurs.

I suggest looking at the emotional issues. I know Iím simplifying things a bit here, but if antibiotic use was the sole cause of yeast overgrowth, then every single person who every took an antibiotic would have yeast overgrowth. We know thatís not the case, so we have to look for additional causes.

Q: OK sounds great! Iím willing to try it. What do I have to do?

A: Youíll find a simple manual on my website: It gives you all the basics and you can download it for free.

As you will see, EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture except that needles arenít necessary. Instead, you stimulate certain meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips. This makes the process very simple and very portable. You can do it anywhere. The details are explained in the above-mentioned EFT Manual.

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