From the time we were little girls, most women have been taught to nurture and care for others. Some studies even suggest that it's a part of women's genetic makeup. Add that to our responsibilities of taking care of the house, feeding the family, spending time with friends, boards and committees, bringing home a paycheck - it's easy to see how fun gets squeezed out of our daily lives to make room for more responsibilities. And caring for ourselves isn't even on the list.

Our lives are spent giving and caring...for others. Getting relief requires balancing that giving with "feeding" you on a daily basis. That's where fun comes in. Your brain has pleasure centers wired into it that require a certain dosage of fun every day for balanced brain chemistry.

Sure, we get pleasure from caring for our families. Yes, we took a fun vacation last year. But your brain is asking for play on a daily basis. It needs what "feeds" you, not what you enjoy watching your child doing.

Think recess. Remember? Laughing, joking, running, playing games, talking - you know, fun – in between the hard stuff.

Each day, carve out some minutes for fun. What's fun for you?

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