Noticing beauty in your life "feeds" you even when you're not physically hungry. Who would believe that listening to music you love, noticing a flower on the side of the road, wearing an outfit you like the color of, and catching a grin from a shopkeeper all balance your brain chemistry in a very physical way?



The catch: you have to notice what's in your environment. Living in a fabulously decorated home or sitting in an English garden doesn't, in itself, "feed" you or balance brain chemistry. You have to be aware that you are witnessing beauty, then the chemistry happens.

As you go through your day, start observing. First, you'll identify the more obviously beautiful things you've noticed before. Move on to the more subtle, the "little" things usually overlooked. Make sure your favorite colors are around you. Experiment with scents that you enjoy - candles, bath oils, essential oils. Read Natural Highs to learn more about how colors, scents and so much more impacts your health.

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